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Platforms Project, Athens

Night Air (from new oils in progress)

Rooted in the painting language of the Romantic Landscape tradition, I respond to regular daily walks to the West Kirby coastline on the Wirral Peninsula. 

My practice has two strands. The first strand is displayed in my  pastel  drawings. The series responds to shifting momentary perceptions between my own shadow and the changing light on a daily walk as I make my way along the street, through woodland until I reach my coastal destination.  These drawings reveal a transitional ambiguous identity moving through space- an unresolved tension within the landscape that evokes the fleeting mixture of memory and perception. 

The second strand manifests in oil paintings, capturing the transient light and nuances of colour I experience in stillness at the end of my walk.  Both strands of work respond to what is experienced fleetingly and almost unseen.

Brief Biography

Julie holds a BA first class (hons) in Art with Theology and Religious studies and an MA in fine Art

 She has exhibited widely throughout the u.k including the National Open Art Competition in London, where she was regional prizewinner. Other exhibitions have included The Pastel Society annual open exhibitions at the Mall Galleries in London 2022 and 2023, where she recently won the Yoshimoto Prize for an outstanding work in a dry medium. 

instagram: @jlawrenceart

Background portolio can be viewed on or follow the Axis link on this site.

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