Sunlit Waters.jpg

'Shadows of Light ' small scale oil painting study (private collection)

Julie Lawrence is a contemporary landscape painter living in the Northwest of England.  Rooted in the painting language of Romanticism, she responds to transient and incidental moments of light, atmosphere and movement.  Ideas of liminality underpin her work, which stands on the threshold of nostalgic association and something unknown.  Julie holds a BA (hons) first class in Art with Theology and Religious studies; she also holds an MA in fine Art from Chester University.  

Her working process involves initiating a body of work by walking in her local environment.  She then responds to this experience back in her studio, using a variety of drawing media on paper.  These drawings reveal an ambiguous figure in the landscape emerging from her fleeting memories and imaginings between shadow and light. Alongside this, she works slowly on a body of oil paintings, focusing on the horizon at the end of the walk, the quality of light and atmosphere, and the sense of emptiness and mood.

 For her, the relationship between self and world has become increasingly about the notions of transience and impermanence .