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The Night Walker body of work is a body of drawings and paintings that I created during lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The pastel drawings record a passing sense of myself during an isolated evening walk. 

Walking has always been a key activity for me.  My working process has begun to change recently and now involves initiating a body of work by walking and photographing.  I then complete a body of drawings, working instinctively and using the photographs as a memory trigger back in my studio.  Alongside this, I work slowly on a body of oil paintings, focusing on the horizon at the end of my walk and the sense of emptiness and mood. 

The paintings reference my coastal destination where, in my stillness, I observe and respond to the fleeting nature of light.

For me the coronavirus pandemic has intensified a liminal sense of identity in my relationship with place.  The bridge between self and world has become increasingly about the notions of transience and impermanence

© 2020 Julie Lawrence

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